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My DA account will be used for BJD photography mostly now, thank you for supporting my art. :)


Some very talented Artists and Photographers! :)


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It's Been Awhile... by SacredMonsoon
It's Been Awhile...
It's been a long time since I've posted any new pictures of my pretty girl, I missed her...

Yuuki is a LUTS CP Delf Lishe from


SacredMonsoon's Profile Picture
Nana ♥
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Allons-y, the Doctor is in...
Hello, I'm Nana ♥
I have collected dolls for years, and after a small break, I'm back in the BJD hobby. I'm an avid fangirl of all things Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Marvel, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Harry Potter and Disney. I collect action figures and dolls, BJD's and stuffed animals. I love cats and chocolate, wooly sweaters and plaid. I sleep too much, play music constantly (Kpop and Taylor Swift), and love watching sunrises when I'm awake to catch them. Thanks for taking a moment to read this, now if you'll excuse me the pool is in the library...
My FAQ, just to cover the things I usually see asked, or have been asked before. I'd appreciate if you'd take the time to read this before asking about my dolls. ^_^  Thank you~

Photo-account Summary
I'm an amateur photographer who doesn't know much about photography itself. Everything I do know is self-learned by trial and error. I have been taking photos for a few years now, and I enjoy it a lot.
Most of my pictures are of my Ball-Jointed Dolls, but occasionally I'll add pictures of other things.

The dolls I own are (Asian) Ball-Jointed Dolls, and I do not make them. They're made of resin (type of plastic), strung together with elastic, and are very customizable.  Each is individually hand-crafted, and thus very expensive. They're also fully customizable, so you can do pretty much anything you want with them including changing eyes, wigs, painting, tattoos, piercings, and so on.
If you wish to know more, visit Den of Angels, they have tons of info on BJD's, more then I could tell you.    

My Doll Hobby
This hobby is like it was made for me! I have always loved dolls, starting with barbies, porcelain dolls, and now BJDs. I love that I can make them to my exact specifications, right down to how the hands are shaped. Its great to see my characters in 3D form as well. ^_^

My dolls: (in order of arrival)
Luts CP Delf Lishe
Fluke Luts CP Delf Lu-Wen  (Limited)


- Do you make these dolls?

No, I do not. I buy them from their respective companies or second hand from the Den Of Angels Market Place.

- What are these dolls called?
Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, ABJD (or BJD) for short.

- Where do you buy these dolls from?
There are many companies, mostly in Korea, Japan, and China.  They can also be purchased though the second hand market (marketplace at Den of Angels).  There are dozens more companies to get these dolls from. For more places check Den of Angels.
Google is your friend too.  ^_^

- How much do they cost?
They can cost anything from $100 to a few thousand from what I have seen. It really depends on what company the doll is from, what size the doll is, and whether the doll is a limited or a basic doll.

- They're so expensive! How do you afford them?
They are expensive, but they're what I chose to buy with my money. I usually save money from what ever I can, and purchase one doll a year. Sort of like a group Christmas/Birthday present. ^_^

- How much have you spent on them?
So far slightly over $750.

- How big are they?
Their size can vary anything from 9cm to 90cm.
Yuuki is 57cm. 
Fluke is 60cm. 

- Did you paint _______ yourself?
Yuuki has the default faceup from Luts, and Fluke is painted by myself.

- May I draw ________?
I'd prefer if you didn't really. I am very possessive of my dolls and their characters so I'd prefer if they were not used/drawn by anyone but me.

- Can I use ________ for my avatars/signatures/LJ layouts/etc?
No, you may not use my photos/characters for anything. That includes reposting.

- Can I use your photos for my stories? I.e. either as reference for my own characters or stories based off the photo?
No. Again, my dolls are my characters and I do not want them represented as anything but my characters.

- Can I use your photos for drawing references?
Pose? Yes. Tracing/copying/etc.? No.

- What camera do you use?
Pretty much all my photos are taken with a Nikon D3100 with the kit lens. I don't usually set the settings all fancy, I just use whatever works for that photo.

- What editing program do you use?
Photoshop CS3.


Thank you for reading. ^_^

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